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Fadhili Women / HIV & AIDS Programme

Project Overview

Fadhili Women / HIV & AIDS Programme

In its continued fight against the HIV virus, HSF has embarked on a support program for those living with AIDS. The program selects a few families from Kibera slum (the largest slum in Africa) and supports them with Prayer and Counseling, Food & Clothing, School Fees for the children, Medical Support, Group Therapy and Home Based Care. It supports its members in Income Generating Activities (IGA), with the aim of empowering the women to be economically self reliant. Among the products they make are powder detergent, liquid detergent, bleach, bead work, table clothes and African jewelry.

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  • Bethel School of Dressmaking
  • 1996


This program was started in 2003 to address the physical and spiritual needs of HIV and AIDS positive women who attended the weekly prayer meetings at Homecare Spiritual Fellowship. Initially, the women, most of whom were widows, used to meet once per month but this was changed to once per week as the women were going through very difficult situations that needed to be addressed immediately. Some of the women were being stigmatized and discriminated against by not only the community but also their family members, others were being battered by their husbands while others were deserted and sent away from their matrimonial homes after testing positive.
The program started with offering counseling but 10 years down the line, it grown to a number of activities, all geared towards the spiritual, physical and economic empowerment of women affected and infected with HIV/AIDS.

In order to mitigate the impact of HIV and AIDS in their lives and those of their families, the women have various activities as described below:
1.    Group Therapy and Devotion: – The women meet every Thursday of the week for devotion and group therapy where they share God’s word and encourage each other.
2.    Income Generating Activities: – In order to meet their basic needs, the women have various    income generating activities (IGAs) that are listed below:

I.    Soap (Detergent)  Making
II.    Knitting project
III.   Group Saving and Loans (GSL)

3. Home and hospital visits: – They are visited at home for encouragement and if there is any who is hospitalized she is also visited in the hospital

4. Training: – The women are trained on different skills. e.g on nutrition, Selection Planning and Management (SPM) etc.

5. Feeding programme: – Its done once per week. the women meet on Thursdays. They cook breakfast and lunch and share together. Most of them are on drugs (ARVs) and cannot afford a balanced diet meal.

6. Networking: – We network with other stakeholders working on the same area (HIV/AIDS).

You can support this program by Donations, Buying their Products, Prayers and being part of their Thursday fellowship.

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